How do I send a test email?

You want your invitation to look 100% on point - none of us want to send an email out only to find that the name of our biggest sponsor got misspelled! Sending test emails is going to be critical to catching mistakes before it's too late. 

Pro-tip: Don't worry, test emails never deduct from your email credits!

When you’re designing your email, hit the white Send Test button. 


The Send To field will become active and you can enter the address you want to test to go to. You can also check the box to send it to your event collaborators as well. 


When you've got it addressed how you'd like, click the "send" button to fire it off. 


Go check it out in the inbox. If everything looks right you can return to Splash and pick right back up where you left off. Next step: send it out!

Heads up: your test email will include all dynamic tags that are event-specific (i.e. the Event Title). It will not however pull through dynamic tags that pertain to Splash guests (i.e. Job title). We always recommend running a full email send to fully test out your dynamic fields!


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