How do I add recipients to my emails?

There are a variety of ways recipients can be added to a Splash email:

  • Quick Lists - These are lists that generate automatically based on attendee activities, such as your Attending, Awaiting Reply, and Checked-In lists, among others.
  • One by one - At minimum, this options requires you to have the guest's email address, but you can fill in as many details about each guest as you'd like.

  • CSV Import - Uploading a spreadsheet is the most popular way to bulk add guests to an email — it's extremely efficient and allows you to enhance & organize your contacts with lots of information.

Pro tip: Here's how to format your spreadsheet for a successful upload.

  • Pasting contacts - You actually copy and paste a whole bunch of email addresses in one shot - Splash will recognize them and add them to the list.

  • By List - Any event-level lists you've created (i.e. Seating Arrangement) or groupings by guest list status (i.e. Attending, Not Attending, etc) can be added to a recipient list.

Note: Quick Lists are dynamic. That means if you schedule an email to a Quick List, it will send to the number of people that are on that list at the time the email sends. Status based lists (non Quick Lists) are static, meaning their recipient count will not change when an email is scheduled to them.

  • Contacts - Your Splash has a Contacts Manager - a central location where anyone who's ever been associated with any of your events is stored. You can add the contacts individually or in bulk directly from the Email Sender or your event Guest List.

  • From Events - You can import guests from previous events — by list or status — and bulk add 'em to any email list you're working on.

  • By Tag - Tags are kind of like lists but they're different in that they're a permanent designation whereas Lists are specific to event-level groupings. Any guest who was ever given a tag (i.e. Democrat, Press, Sponsor, Speaker, etc) can be quickly added to an email list.

That's a lot of different methods, right? Each serves a distinct purpose in empowering you get the right message in front of the right audience!

Ready to add recipients to an email?

First, create your email and then follow the below steps:

1. After you’ve completed your email design, click the Recipients button, or on the Recipients step at the top. 


To add to an existing draft, click the Add More button in your email dashboard to go straight to the Recipients list.


2. When in the Recipients stage of your email, you can either use the Add Recipients button  or access a drop-down of Quick Lists.


Choosing the Add Recipients button will open this menu of contact-adding options, corresponding to the methods outlined above:


3. Use any of the contact-adding methods to load your list of recipients.


4. Once the recipients have been added, you hit the Review button (or Review stage) to proceed to the final steps before scheduling or sending your email.  


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