How do I create custom email templates?

Custom email templates are saved email designs that you create for your team or for a specific theme, so they can be used again and again for various events and event stages. Custom email templates are available with our Enterprise offering, Splash for Business.

We recommend designing email templates for a specific event type's touchpoint flow. This way, when your team creates and event using the Networking theme, the event comes with a fully-baked communication plan. Be sure to leverage dynamic tags in your email copy to simply click and send. 

How to create a custom email template:

  1. To create a custom email template, first go to the Email tab of your event’s toolbar.
  2. Once you’re in the Email Sender, make sure that you’re in the My Templates tab (not the Emails tab).
  3. Click on the Create Template button. You can choose a pre-made template or start fresh with one of our more customizable options.

  1. After you've nailed down the design, click the purple Save button. From here, you’ll be asked to enter your template’s details; select an image, title, type (optional), and description for your new custom template.
  2. You can also preview your template at any time by clicking the white Preview button.


Please note: any changes made to email templates do not retroactively apply to the email templates on existing or previously created pages.

If you'd like to clone an email template and share it across multiple pages or themes, review our transfer steps or send us a note summarizing your needs. Be sure to including the event URLs or theme names, and the titles of the email templates!

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