How do I upload multiple discount codes?

Looking to offer your guests a few extra ways to save with ticket promotions? Instead of creating discount codes one-by-one, you can batch upload all of your discount information.

To format and upload a spreadsheet of discount codes for your ticket sales, follow the below steps:

  1. In your spreadsheet application, such as Microsoft Excel or Numbers, include discount code's title, discount amount in dollars, discount amount percentage, and maximum uses into four columns.
  2. If you choose to offer $5 off a ticket, include the number "5.00" in the discount amount in dollars column. Just be sure put "0" in the percentage column!
  3. Label each column with the following headers: “Discount Code,” “Flat Discount Amount,” “Percent Discount,” and "Max Uses." Download a test template here.
  4. Save or export the file in a .CSV format. 
  5. Upload the .CSV file in the Discount Code section.

Pro Tip: For best results, make sure your spreadsheet does not contain any errant or extraneous characters (e.g. asterisks, commas, accents, etc.), as these can cause issues during the upload process.

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