What is the difference between Designer and Designer Pro?

In Designer mode, you're able to build your event page from content blocks crafted by Splash designers. Designer mode is best for team members who'll need the freedom to adjust colors, fonts, copy, and images, but don't have the more advanced knack required to alter the material structure of a page's layout or reinvent its aesthetic composition.

Designer mode users can:

  • Edit colors (up to 6 per page)
  • Select from pre-set font sets
  • Upload imagery
  • Add and hide content blocks
  • Hide/show elements and blocks
  • Re-arrange the order of content sections
  • Customize borders of blocks and elements
  • Embed video content

With Designer Pro, you have complete control. You're able to upload your own fonts, colors, and logos to ensure a meticulously on-brand experience. You can also build your own content blocks and fully remix Splash themes without restriction. You can convert your design to templates — we call them "themes" — so your master stroke can be leveraged across users and teams (read: scaling!). No code required. 


  • Create your own color palettes
  • Add more than 6 colors to one page
  • Upload custom fonts
  • Create your own font sets
  • Add more than 3 fonts to one page (up to 5)
  • Control all copy and images


  • Create and share themes as design templates for your team
  • Save and share content blocks
  • Add centrally-controlled linked blocks across pages like headers and footers
  • Design custom and in-line RSVP forms
  • Create and save custom email templates


  • Rearrange elements within blocks
  • Add elements to blocks
  • Edit spacing between elements and blocks
  • Adjust width and height of elements, containers, and blocks
  • Master mobile-editing tools so your page looks great on every device
  • Access foundational layout components like containers
  • Align your page with dynamic height matching
  • Control advanced display and positioning options

Event Hubs and more!

  • Curate calendars that dynamically pull in your Splash events 
  • Stream live feeds with iframe elements
  • Upload files for download
  • Add custom CSS

Turn it on today.


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