How do I design my confirmation message to look like my invitations?

Creating your own custom confirmation emails is available with our Enterprise offering, Splash for Business. Check out the steps below.

In our default confirmation email, we allow for text customization and basic HTML tags within the email confirmation template. We are working to update this step so our default templates look more consistent and allow for advanced design changes. Coming soon!

Creating your own confirmation email in Splash

1. Create a custom template.

Or, set an existing draft as one in your email dashboard. Under the Actions column, click on the dropdown and select the Save as Template option. 


2. Shoot us a note with your event's URL. We'll activate the ability for your Splash page to use a custom template instead of our default confirmation email. 

3. Once this setting has been activated, head to the My Templates section of your page's Email tab.

4. Click into the email template and select "Set As Confirmation" under the Layout panel to do just that. Just one more step!



5. In the top right, click Save to update your template, adjust any final details, and confirm the update. You'll see "RSVP Confirmation" under the template's description so you know which template is currently set.


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