How do I avoid the dreaded spam folder when sending emails?

Even though Splash has the highest reputation as an email sender, this is something that all event marketers and email platforms must contend with (even Mailchimp).

It's always good to follow general tips so application don't flag your email as spam:

  • Use conversational language and avoid sounding like spam (Unless you really have found out how to lose 10 pounds instantly and win $1,000,000 with no effort. If so, hit us up.)
  • Avoid excessive use of images
  • Avoid excessive hyperlinks
  • Avoid ALL CAPS

When you send emails to corporations from an unrecognized sender, there can be stringent firewalls in place that do not allow emails to reach someone's inbox. This will be the case for some companies, but not all. If this is the case, the first course of action should be reaching out to your organization's IT department and asking them to add all emails coming from the "" email alias to a White List.

Don't forget to check out any bounced email addresses. You have access to advanced engagement analytics that show each person who received, opened, clicked on your emails.

Having trouble with emails landing in the Gmail Promotions tab?

Unfortunately, there is not an exact science here. Google is constantly upgrading their email filtering system looking for ways to spot promotional emails. Our email templates have been proven to hit either the Primary or Updates tab, but additional images can sometimes trigger the Promotions filter.

Removing the Splash branding from the footer of your email can also help the jump from the Promotion tab to the Primary inbox. Our Enterprise offering includes the White Label feature for all of your events.

Still having trouble? Feel free to reach out by submitting a request, and we'll take a deeper look.

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