How do I edit the metadata of my event website?

The metadata of your event website is a description label; it includes the title of your website and a brief summary of its purpose. Search engines use this information to display your event page in search results.

Page Title Tag

This displays as the title of your website in search results and your browser tab. Keep this short and sweet.


Meta Description

The meta description of your website is the description that appears in search results. Include keywords that your guests may search for if you're looking to promote your event to the public. 

If you'd rather not have your page display at all in search results, check out how to request search engines to not include your page and our privacy options

To edit your Splash page's metadata:

1. Head to the Settings tab of your event.

2. Click on the Site Metadata section. 

3. Edit the various parts of your metadata settings: Page Title Tag, Meta Description, Favicon, and Search Engine Index preference. (The favicon is the little icon that shows in browser tabs.)

4. Save.


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