Tracking Links: Measuring Conversions & Creating Exclusive Ticket Types

Tracking links are a fantastic tool to monitor where your ticket sales are coming from and set up tickets so that they are only available for specific groups of people. 
By creating various tracking link URLs, you can include them in your marketing endeavors to see where you draw the most traffic and convert sales. You can also create specific tickets that will only appear when visiting a certain tracking link.
1. First, head to the Analytics tab and then the Advanced Tracked sub-tab. 
2. Click on New Tracking Link. This will allow you to create a name for your tracking link and matching URL. Then click the Save button in the bar above.
In this section, the information on page visits and ticket sales for each tracking link will be available as people visit the site and buy tickets.
3. The next step will be to actually create the ticket specific to the tracking link. Head back to the Tickets section header. Click the New Ticket button in the top right corner.
4. As you set up your ticket, change the Availability to "Limited Availability" from the dropdown options. Underneath this, you'll see the option to make the ticket Exclusive to Tracking Links. Select one of the Tracking Links that you've set up to ensure this ticket only appears when visiting this link. Click the Save button in the toolbar once you're finished!
Heading to any one of your tracking link URL's will now show the tickets you exclusively set up for that page.
Pro tip: Please note that if you make all of your ticket types exclusive to tracking links, no tickets will be shown when you visit the regular Splash URL.
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