How do I change my event domain after I've already created the page?

To edit the domain of your Splash page, head to the Settings within the page's right-side toolbar or from the Events Dashboard

Click right into the domain field and start typing to change your domain. Once you see an approved checkmark, you're ready to click Save. You can also check out this handy video.

Pro tip: Be sure to double check any drafts or scheduled emails set to go out that hyperlink back to your site. If the links are set to [event_url], this means it will dynamically change when you update your Settings. It's always best to send a test!

If you've already sent out invitations, the old domain will not be active. We recommend sending out another round of invites so that each guest has the correct URL to RSVP.  


Note that you'll receive a browser prompt to leave your page in order to view the updated domain!

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