Can I create a waitlist for when my tickets sell out?

While waitlists are currently designed for RSVP events only, we do offer a creative way to keep collecting contact info for interested guests:

Create a separate ticket type reserved specifically for a waitlist or continued interest.

Avoid confusion and accidentally giving away free tickets by following these tips:

  • Check off the “Make this an RSVP ticket” option when creating the ticket type.
  • Only put the waitlist ticket on sale once your main tickets are sold out.
  • Clarity is key! Use the ticket description and confirmation messaging to tell your guests this is a waitlist only ticket and does not include admission to the event.
  • Don’t send actual tickets. In the confirmation messaging settings, remove the PDF attachment option, shown here.

Customize your order form questions to pertain specifically to the waitlist like additional contact info in case they are selected later on.

It's important to note that it's not possible to store the waitlisted guests' credit card information and then charge them at a later date. If you end up opening ticket sales for a few waitlisted guests, we recommend creating a special tracking link ticket to send them!

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