Can I create a waitlist for when my tickets sell out?

So the bad news first: the waitlist feature is currently only available for RSVP events. 

Now the good news: forget that noise--you can make a waitlist for a ticketed event anyway. Check it out!


A Tale of Two Tickets

First up, we'll create two separate ticket types. Ticket #1 is going to be our limited quantity admission tickets. 


Ticket #2 though will be a free RSVP ticket, which will be sent out once Ticket #1 runs out and will act as our waitlist.


Hammer Out the Details

The same as any other proper science, the devil is in the details of Party Science. We might have our basic tickets set up, but for a great event we'll need to make a few tweaks. Let's start with some clarity. If this is going to be a waitlist, we should leave absolutely no uncertainty it isn't a real ticket. 

Change the ticket description and the confirmation messaging to make it clear that the ticket doesn't include event admission. 


It's also a good idea to not send the guest an actual ticket. In the confirmation messaging again, remove the ticket PDF attachment.



Two Big Notes

Okay, this is very important to keep in mind: the free RSVP ticket can't store the guest's credit card information to charge at a later date. If you open up tickets to some of your waitlisters, we recommend creating a special tracking link to send them.


Another final big item: make sure to put your waitlist ticket on sale only after you've sold out of your normal tickets. We definitely don't want anybody getting confused. 


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