How do I undo an action on my page?

Did you accidentally delete the event's 28 sponsor logos and want them back? Maybe another team member deleted your perfectly witty event description? Not a problem! We've got you covered.

While making major changes on the page, you may see a green Confirm option pop up in the middle of your page. Clicking this will button means you confirm the action you want to happen, but what happens when we're not there to jump in and stop anything you don't actually want to happen?


You do have to save your edits by clicking the green "save" button in the upper righthand corner, unless you have the Autosave option checked. If you don't have Autosave checked, you can click back onto your main user page, which avoids saving your changes. 


Your page also automatically saves backups. 

Follow these steps to view, create, and restore backups that hold your previous work. We also recommend manually creating backups before making any drastic changes to your page. 

  1. From your main event page, click on the Backups button, right next to the green Save button.
  2. In the backups box, you can click "New Backup" to save the current status of your work, and click into the backup text to rename specific backups for reference.
  3. You can "Preview" past backups, and then either select "Restore" once you find one that reflects your desired page status or "Exit" to revert back to the currently saved work. You can also "Delete" backups. 


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