I need more customization. How do I edit and style elements in blocks?

Our top designers have created beautiful blocks to best arrange and present elements in a cohesive and mobile-friendly way. We recommend using these pre-built blocks crafted to make your page building experience a cake walk. 

If still you crave that complete control over your Splash page, we offer the ability to further style blocks and elements with our Designer Pro mode, available in Splash for Business.

You'll be able to add elements, rearrange elements, and create your own blocks!

You'll also have access to edit these styles:

  • Background
  • Font
  • Border
  • Width, Height
  • Margin, Padding
  • Border
  • Display
  • Positioning
  • Advanced Properties (e.g. custom classes)

Check it out below:  

Check out more from Splash on Vimeo.

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