How do I customize the style of blocks?


To edit the styles of blocks and elements within them, click on the page where you'd like to edit. The blue hover will indicate what's selected before you click. 

You can also navigate to the block or element within the Layout tab. 

You have access to three main style categories to access for each block:

  • Background
  • Font
  • Border


Our designers have crafted the elements within the blocks to make your page building experience a cake walk. We love to make you look awesome. 

Check out the breakdown of our styles menu:


  • Change the background to a color, image, or GIF. 



  • Change the font family, size and color or the text
  • Align the text within the block
  • Transform into upper or lowercase
  • Edit line height and letter spacing



  • Edit border radius (which controls shape) 
  • Choose a solid, dashed or other border styles
  • Pick a color from your color set and toggle the width of each border side


If you still crave complete control over your Splash page, we offer the ability to further style blocks and elements with our Designer Pro mode, available in Splash for Business.

You'll have access to edit:

  • Background
  • Font
  • Border
  • Width, Height
  • Margin, Padding
  • Border
  • Display
  • Positioning
  • Advanced Properties (e.g. custom classes)



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