How do I upload my own font? (Designer Pro)

Uploading a custom font to your Splash page is available with Designer Pro editing mode, offered with Splash for Business.

Pro tip: Only the following file types are compatible with Splash. Any other file type may cause unintended results. 

  • .ttf
  • .woff
  • .eot
  • .svg files

We recommend uploading all four file types for each font weight. This way, the font shows up no matter what browser you're on. If you only have the font in the original .ttf format, upload it to Transfonter, and it'll allow you to convert and download the other required formats.

Once you're ready to upload the fonts into Splash's font uploader, you can upload all four file types for a single font weight at the same time. If you have multiple font weights, be sure to upload the files for each weight individually.

Lastly, if you're re-uploading these files after the fact, don't forget to re-edit your main Font set in the Design tab. 

Check out how in the below steps:

1. In your event dashboard click on the Event Page tile.

2. In the Layout Menu on the right-side of the Event Page Editor switch to the Theme tab. 

3. Hover over the Font Set gear icon, which changes to an Edit button, and click on it. 

4. In the Font Editor click on the blue Upload button in the bottom right. 

5. A window will open allowing you to upload the .ttf, .woff, .eot and .svg files for the font style.  


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