Why do I have to wait to receive ticket payouts?

We get this question often. And it’s a good one! Our users ask, “I just sold a ticket. Why can’t I have that money now!?” The reason is risk-protection. If we issue the money as soon as the ticket is purchased, then we open ourselves up to a MAJOR risk for fraud. People could create fake events, “purchase tickets” (sending the money back to their own accounts), then cancel the charge (called a “chargeback” in which money is automatically deducted from Splash’s accounts).

Delaying ticket payouts until AFTER the event closes protects us, in that it allows us to inspect the event to ensure that it was real! For what it’s worth, this is an industry standard. Every major ticketing company follows this practice.

With all of that said, we do very much understand that some people need the money from ticket sales to fund their events. If this is the case, submit a request at the top of this page, and we can discuss setting a custom payout schedule.

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