How do I issue a refund?

Here's how to issue a refund, shown in the steps below:


1. In the event, head to the RSVPs tab.

2. Open the Filter Responses dropdown to Group by Every Order so you're viewing orders, not attendees.  

3. Search to find the guest you'd like to issue the refund to and hover over the order.

4. Click the pencil all the way to the right of the person's name to open the Order Details window.

5. Now, click the Issue a Refund/Revoke button to move to the next step.


6. To issue a full refund of the ticket, immediately click Process Refund button.


To issue a partial refund, check out the steps here: Can I offer partial refunds to my guests?

7. An email is sent to the attendee once the refund has been issued. 

Check it out below:


To note: If a refund is issued to an attendee's card that is no longer active, the purchaser must communicate with his or her bank about restoring the refund.

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