I see SPLASHT.COM on my credit card statement. What is that?

If you see “SPLASHT.COM” on your credit card statement, that means that you purchased a ticket to an event powered by our platform: SplashThat.com. You may not recognize the name, because we offer all event organizers the ability to “White Label” their event, and even use a different domain to hide the Splash branding.

If you’re having a tough time remembering what this was for, we recommend:

  • Searching your email inbox for “Splash” or “event.splashthat.com” Your ticket confirmation email should come right up!
  • Submit a request at the top of this page and include the last 4 digits of the card and transaction amount. We can search our system for your name and/or email and get to the bottom of this pronto.

Please note that if you dispute the charge with your credit card company, your ticket to the event will be revoked permanently. So, don’t dispute the charge unless you are 100% sure it’s fraud!

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