Where do I view the guests and RSVPs associated with my event?

All of your event’s RSVP information can be found in your Splash page's RSVPs section.

To enter your event’s RSVPs section:

  1. Log into Splash, and locate your event in your Events Dashboard.
  2. Hover your cursor atop the event click to open the event page.
  3. In the right-side editing toolbar, click the Guests tab.

Once you're in the Guests section, you'll be able to add guests you'd like to invite to your event. As guests RSVP, you'll see who's attending, who's not attending, your awaiting reply count, and the answers to all of your RSVP questions.

From here, you can also export all your RSVP list to a spreadsheet, add new RSVPs manually, edit guest information, email select groups of invitees, remove guests from the RSVP list, and more.

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