How do I make it so that only those I have invited can RSVP?

Limiting RSVPs to only your guest list of people includes two parts:

  1. From the Form tab in your right-side toolbar, check off the box for “Only my invite list can RSVP."
  2. Validate these emails for guest list validation by adding them to your guest list or a draft email. Check out the steps here.

NOTE: This feature validates guests based on the email address you uploaded to the email. If the guest enters the same name but a different email, he or she will not be able to RSVP.

For example, if you put an invitee’s personal email address on the guest list but he or she submits the RSVP using a work email address, the RSVP will be rejected. 

To make sure these guests can RSVP, you must add the guests into the Guest tab of your event or add them as a recipient to a Splash email or draft email. 


Heads up! This feature is only available with our Enterprise offering, Splash for Business.

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