How do I make it so that only those I have invited can RSVP?

1. Head to the Settings tab from your Event's homepage. On the following page, select the Privacy option at the top.


2. Under the Privacy tab, you're offered a host of options regarding the security of your event, including password protection and age validation. To set your event so that only those that you have invited can RSVP, select the Private option under the Registration column; remember to click save when you're finished.


For an additional layer of protection for your event, you can also restrict the Guest List so that only those with an email address already on the list may view the event page.


Check out the steps in more detail here.

Note: This feature validates guests based on the email address you uploaded to the email. If the guest enters the same name but a different email, they will not be able to RSVP. The email address must match.

For example, if you put an invitee’s personal email address on the guest list but they submit the RSVP using a work email address, the RSVP will be rejected. 

This feature is only available with our Enterprise offering, Splash for Business.

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