How can I capture information from my guests when they purchase tickets?

Splash allows you to capture information about your guests through the ticket buying process.

For each ticket you create, you can set up an unlimited number of order form questions, the answers to which can all be viewed, sorted, and exported within your Splash page's RSVPs tab.

Here's how to set them up:

1. In the toolbar to the left of your Splash event page, click on the Ticketing tab. You can also click directly into the Ticketing Editor touchpoint:

Screen Recording 2020-02-04 at 12.30 PM

2. Create a New Ticket or click on an existing one.

3. Scroll down a hair or two until you reach the Order Form Questions section.

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4. From here, begin adding custom questions or copy questions from an existing ticket. Now you can use the power of our Form Builder technology to collect guest information - in your tickets!

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If you're allowing buyers to purchase multiple tickets, you can choose the option to have them answer the questions once per order or for each ticket purchased.

5. Click Save once you've added the questions you want.

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