What is the recommended image size?

We recommend keeping your images no larger than 2,000 pixels wide with no more than 72 dots per inch (dpi). This keeps your Splash page loading quickly!

We also recommend that file sizes generally stay under 1MB.

We don't have specific images specs because your event page will be dynamic and mobile responsive - without having to design for every screen size out there. We provide image positioning and mobile responsive tools to help you knock this out of the park.

 Here are some tips for uploading and editing images in Splash:

  • Stick to 72dpi - 300 dpi high-res images and large file sizes may slow down the page and sometimes create blurry image - the opposite of the desired result.
  • Avoid background images with text or logos in the design - With Designer Pro, you can layer dynamic elements on top of your image. This will give you more flexibility to style your blocks to be mobile responsive. Static images will look different across all screen sizes, so this helps provide a cohesive experience across devices. 
  • Got a flyer? If you're using a stunning flyer image with text and logos, we normally recommend using Trimble, Poster Reset, Clip Reset or any of our other flyer-style themes.

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