A theme is a template for your event's website and digital touchpoints.

Themes make creating beautiful, on-brand event pages easy - and most importantly save you time.

With custom colors, fonts, imagery, logo and content blocks - not to mention a beautiful RSVP form and collection of email templates, your themes set up the entire flow of your event without the extra work. 

Themes make the task of re-creating a beautiful, carefully prepared event page — for you and most importantly your team — a piece of cake.

Themes are the most effective way to standardize every part of your event program:

  • RSVP/Ticket questions
  • Email templates
  • Confirmation messaging
  • RSVP/Ticket settings
  • Social sharing

Once all of these pieces are meticulously prepared for one event, saving your Splash page as a theme allows you to leverage all of your work again the next time. Check out how you can save your page as a theme to use over and over.

If you need to make an adjustment on your theme, you can edit your theme page and easily update it going forward.

Even better? If you share your theme with your team, it ensures they will execute their events to your brand's rigorous standards.

You can access all your new branded themes straight from your Themes Dashboard to easily view and edit.

Heads up, saving and sharing your theme page is available with our Enterprise offering, Splash for Business.


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