How can I move the RSVP button?

The location of the RSVP varies for each theme. However, within a theme you do not have the ability to move the RSVP button. That said, you can vary the look and feel of the RSVP button dramatically by changing the text, the font, the font size and color of the button, etc.

If you feel strongly that the RSVP button needs to sit elsewhere on the page, you can make that adjustment by changing over to “Designer Pro” mode, available in our Splash for Business packages. In this mode you can: create custom themes; write code; build custom element libraries; import fonts; generate new, re-usable color swatches; and more! As we like to say, Designer Pro was built "for designers, by designers." But be warned: it can get complicated in there!

Take a look at this video on how you can turn on Designer Pro for your event page.

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