What are email credits? How do I get more?

After your account is verified by the Splash team, each event you create in Splash automatically comes with 50 email credits on the house. These credits apply to any email you design and send to your guests! Test emails, automatic confirmation messaging, and ticket receipts don’t deduct from your total.


With our Enterprise offering, Splash for Business, your team's account comes with the holy grail: unlimited email credits.

If you're using Splash Basic, you'll want to purchase email credits based on the number of emails you'll be sending to guests. Essentially, 1 email credit = 1 email sent to 1 recipient. 

Check out our package options below, which are available from right within the Email tab on your event page's editing toolbar. Learn more about email verification here.

Just click Get More!

Please note email credits are only applied to the event page they are purchased on.




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