What is a payout method? What are my options?

A payout method is the way you'll receive the funds from your ticket sales. Currently, Splash offers three payout options:

  • Check: We send you a good old fashion check by mail (“snail mail”) from our office in New York
  • Direct Deposit: We transfer money directly into your bank account
  • Venmo: We send money directly to your Venmo account


  • Selling tickets abroad? Splash currently offers payouts in USD only.
  • Got an Enterprise license? If you've got a custom payout agreement, you'll need to use a Check payout method.
  • Anticipating refunds? You can only process partial refunds with a Check payout method. All other methods are limited to FULL refunds due to restrictions put in place by our transaction processing partner, Braintree.

To set up your payout method:

  1. Head to the Tickets tab on your event page's editing toolbar.
  2. Click on the Payouts section.
  3. Click the Select Your Payout Method button.
  4. Select a new Check, Direct Deposit or Venmo account, and click next.
  5. Enter your new payee, address or banking information.
  6. Click next to continuing saving.
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