What is a payout method? What are my options?

A payout method is the way you'll receive the funds from your ticket sales. Currently, Splash offers four payout options:

  • Stripe: Payment is processed through your Stripe account.
  • *Check: We send you a good old fashion check by mail (“snail mail”) from our office in New York
  • *Direct Deposit: We transfer money directly into your bank account
  • *Venmo: We send money directly to your Venmo account

Note: These payout methods are currently only available in our Enterprise offering.


  • Selling tickets abroad? Splash currently offers payouts in USD only.
  • Got an Enterprise license? If you've got a custom payout agreement, you'll need to use a Check payout method.
  • Anticipating refunds? You can only process partial refunds with a Check payout method. All other methods are limited to FULL refunds due to restrictions put in place by our transaction processing partner, Braintree.

To set up your payout method:

  1. Head to the Tickets tab on your event page's editing toolbar.
  2. Click on the Payouts section.
  3. Click the Select Your Payout Method button.
  4. Select a new Check, Direct Deposit or Venmo account, and click next.
  5. Enter your new payee, address or banking information.
  6. Click next to continuing saving.

If you're using Stripe as your payout method, you can read more about it here.

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