When will I receive my ticket payouts?

Ticket payouts are triggered 5 business days after your event's end date.

The 5-day policy protects our platform against fraud, while allowing organizers to issue late refunds and potentially resolve disputed credit card charges. The date at which you will actually receive the money depends on the payout method you have selected. 

Check out the timeline for each payout method:

  • Venmo: money received into Venmo account 1-2 business day after payment triggered
  • Direct Deposit: money received into bank account 1-2 business days after payment triggered
  • Check: money received in mail 2-7 days after payment triggered

Find out how to check when your event's payout will be released here.

Heads up! The Venmo payout method - while super fast and convenient - is still a free ACH bank transfer from our secure escrow account, which takes 1-2 business days. Sadly (and for your safety), there's no man behind the green curtain using the Venmo app to transfer your funds.

If you're using Stripe, learn more about payout schedules here.

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