Why didn't I receive the confirmation email with the ticket I purchased?

Have you checked your spam folder? How about Gmail's Promotions tab?

It could be possible that the email address was spelled incorrectly in a flurry of excitement to buy the ticket. (We see a lot of Gnail and .con addresses.) If so, check out the steps below.

If you have a corporate email address, it's possible that a sensitive firewall or spam filter blocked the message — or the ticket attachment may have gotten clipped. 

Ticket Resending

If you need your ticket re-sent (possibly to a personal email address), we recommend:

  • Reaching out to the event organizer by using the dedicated “Contact the Organizer” button at the bottom of the website you purchased the tickets from. Check out the screenshot below.


  • Submitting a request to the Splash Support team. Just be sure to verify the last four digits of your credit card and include the event page URL from which you made the purchase.

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