How do I approve emails for Guest List Email Validation?

For the most exclusive events, setting up a privacy page is the best way to conceal the details of your event.

To be sure only invited guests can view the event page, set up Guest List Email Validation to require an approved email address to enter your site.

Guest List Email Validation only restricts the ability to view the page, so be sure to add an extra layer of security if you also want to restrict RSVP submissions to the same approved list.

It's not possible to restrict the number of times an email address can enter the page at this time, but let us know if you'd be interested in this feature for the future.

Learn more about how to set up privacy restrictions here: How do I restrict who has access to my Splash page?

To approve emails for Guest List Email Validation:

RSVP Events

If you're holding an RSVP event, everyone added to your event's guest list through the Guests tab will automatically be approved for email validation - regardless of status.

Ticketed Events

At this time, Guest List functionality is not available for ticketed events. Head to the Email tab on your events to approve guests for validation.

All guests that are emailed from the Splash Email Sender will automatically be approved for Guest List Email Validation.

Alternatively, you can import contacts as recipients to an email draft without sending the email.

Any guest that is added as a recipient to an email draft will be automatically be approved for validation.


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