Can I allow my attendees to bring additional guests (+1s)?

The Splash RSVP Form offers two options for attendees to bring guests of their own: a Simple +1 or Multiple Guests.

To allow attendees to bring additional guests, follow the steps or check out the video below.

In the toolbar anchored to the right of the Splash page, click the Form tab.

  1. Next, check off the box for Allow Guests. Then, select Simple +1 or Multiple Guests; the latter allows attendees to bring up to 10 guests.
    • Pro Tip: Just below the Allow Guests option, is another checkbox for requiring attendees to include each guest’s name. With our Enterprise offering, you can also collect guests' email addresses.
  2. Click the Save button. 



Allowing Guests of Guests (+1s and Multiple Guests) from Splash on Vimeo.

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