Are guests required to submit their First Name, Last Name, and Email Address?

Yes. Every question on the Splash RSVP form is customizable except for the First Name, Last Name, and Email Address sections.

This information is integral to the foundation of managing your events and guest lists. If you’d like to change the language of these questions, you can do so with our Enterprise offering, Splash for Business.

Are you wondering, "Why do my guests have to re-type this information if I already uploaded it into Splash?"

Guess what? They don't! All email invitations you send through Splash have a default setting to auto-populate the RSVP form with the First Name, Last Name, and Email Address.


When a guest clicks on the RSVP button from your email and heads to the Splash page to RSVP, his or her information will be pre-populated.

If you're interested in auto-populating additional fields of the RSVP form, you can do so with an Enterprise license.

If you'd like to turn off the auto-populate feature, check out the steps in this article.

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