EXACTLY how much is the fee per ticket?

Tickets sold through Splash Basic are subject to the following fees:

  • 3.0% credit card processing fee
  • 2.5% service charge fee
  • $1.00 operational fee, per ticket
  • Maximum fee cap: None

Tickets sold through Splash Enterprise are subject to a discounted fee rate. Reach out to your team's Customer Success Manager to learn more!

If math isn't your strong suit, the good news is you’ll know exactly what to expect when setting up your ticket  — as soon as you set the price, the fee will immediately calculate in the Total Fee section shown below.


In addition, you can choose to pass all or a portion of the fee along to buyers:


If you’re feeling generous, you can also absorb the entire fee. We’re sure your attendees will really like that.



Are you interested in our discounted rates for NPOs? Click here for more info.

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