How do I change the email address for a purchased ticket?

How to Edit a Ticket Order or Guest Information from Splash on Vimeo.


If you'd like to change a guest name or email on a ticket, you can edit this in the RSVP tab of your page and then re-issue the ticket to a new attendee.

1. In the toolbar anchored to the right of your Splash page, click the RSVP tab. 

2. By clicking on the Filter Responses, you can choose to group "By Order" if you want to change a full order or "By Every Ticket" to just edit one ticket within a larger order. 

3. Search for the guest you're looking to edit. Hover your cursor atop the guest’s name, and then click the pencil icon all the way to the right of the guest’s name.

4. In the window that opens, click on the Edit Attendee header. Edit any desired guest details. 

5. To re-send the tickets to the guest, check the box stating "Send email with ticket to user upon save" and click Save.

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