How do I set up "Early Bird Pricing"?

A deadline always drives more sales! Reward your most engaged guests with an opportunity to snag a deal by offering early-bird pricing. 

Here are a few options to set up an early-bird pricing discount:

1. Create a specific ticket type for early-bird buyers. 

This allows you to limit when tickets will be available for purchase, set a special early-bird price, control the capacity, and also show that the ticket will only be available for a limited amount of time. 

Best for: driving sales and building hype.


1. From the Tickets tab on your event page's toolbar, head to the New Ticket button or click into an existing ticket type.

2. To limit the dates this ticket will be available for purchase, click on the Availability dropdown. 

3. From here, change "On Sale" to the “Limited Availability” option and then specify the date and time range the ticket type will be available for purchase.

You can, of course, manually hide this ticket type from your page any time you'd like, but we'd recommend limiting the dates available in advance. 

2. Create a discount code that's shared with select buyers.

Best for: promotional partnerships, granting early-bird pricing to latecomers or VIPs.

Setup: How do I create a discount code?

3. Make the early-bird ticket exclusive to a tracking link.

Sometimes you only want to reserve early-bird pricing for the most loyal, first 50, or specific subset of guests. To publish the price live to only that audience, hide the ticket under a tracking link. 

Best for: exclusive deals for subscribers or a specific audience.

Setup: Tracking Links: Measuring Conversions & Creating Exclusive Ticket Types


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