12/12/17 - Allow attendees to cancel their RSVP

Most event planners have a formula for estimating the number of guests who are actually going to show up.

Results vary.

Today's release makes it easy for registered guests to cancel their reservation - giving planners a truer sense of who's coming, while improving their waitlists and conversion rates.

Here's how it works: 

RSVPs can be canceled in two clicks directly from any Splash email that uses the new [cancel_rsvp] tag.

Let's set this up for a confirmation email! 

1. Head into your Confirmations tab, and click the Edit button to access the confirmation template in the Email Sender.


2. Add a button element with a Call to Action (i.e. "CANCEL RSVP" or "Can't make it?") and set its URL to [cancel_rsvp].



3. When a guest clicks the Cancel RSVP link in your email, it will bring them to an interstitial Splash page that features two prompts: Return to Event and Cancel RSVP.



4. If your guest cancels their RSVP, they will immediately be shown a confirmation message that their registration has been successfully canceled. 


5. In your Guest List, your Attending count will decrease with each cancelation; the guest will also be added to a newly created Canceled list, and their Status will update to Not Attending.



Pretty easy, right?

For events where seating is limited, we recommend sending an email a day or two in advance that asks invitees to change their response if they can't make it.

Testing the Attendee Cancel RSVP Flow
If you'd like to test the Cancel RSVP functionality guest experience, you'll need to do so by actually sending an email from Email Sender. Using the "Send Test" button within a draft will not function with this feature. This is because the Cancel RSVP link must recognize an existing attendee within your event's guest list, so if you haven't RSVP'd to the event you won't be able to cancel!

Additional disclaimer: The [cancel_rsvp] tag will only work on confirmation emails.

The new [cancel_rsvp] tag is available now to all enterprise clients.
Not on enterprise? Request a demo today.

Note: You will not be notified when a guest cancels their registration. Just head to the Guest List to view the latest updates!

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