11/21/17 - CC and/or Bcc secondary email recipients

Any event marketer who's ever sent an invite to a list of VIPs (celebs, CEOs, titans of industry, etc.) knows that they're probably not going to garner many RSVPs unless they CC some assistants. 

Today's Splash release makes CC'ing or BCC'ing your guest's handler easy, enabling the assistant to receive the invitation and even RSVP on their boss's behalf. 

Here's how it works:

1. Configure your guest list as you normally would, but this time include columns for each contact's secondary or tertiary email recipient.

In the example below, we're going to use Assistant as our CC recipient and Agent as the Bcc recipient. 


In your event page's Form tab, add hidden custom questions for the secondary and tertiary contact.

3. Then set each hidden question as either the CC or Bcc Email Address.

Note: Only 1 email can be set as Cc and Bcc. If two questions have the "Set as Cc'd Email Address", only one of those entered email addresses will receive the email. 


4. When you upload your guest list, map its columns to the newly created hidden fields.


And that's it!

The email addresses you uploaded to the designated CC and Bcc columns will receive the invitation email and RSVP confirmation email, and they can RSVP on behalf of their boss.

Pro tip:

By using the dynamic tag for the main contact's name — [first_name] — and checking off the Auto-populate RSVP field options (below):

• The main recipient's name will appear in the email invite.

i.e. Dear Rod, You're invited!

• When the assistant clicks through the invitation, the Splash form will auto-fill with the main recipient's name and email. 



As of today (11/22/17), this feature is in beta release.

But if you'd like to start using it, just let your CSM know, and they'll activate it for your organization.

Not an enterprise customer? Let's talk! Request a demo today.

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