How do I update existing guest info in my guest list?

Looking to move all your guests on the Waitlist to Attending? Need to add a company to all your guests?

Well, we’ve got just the solution! It’s now easier than ever to update the status or contact fields for multiple guests with just one quick .CSV upload.

Important disclaimers:

  • The below instructions do not apply to ticketed events.
  • +1 info is not importable - If you're looking to update guest information for events with +1s, you'll need to update this manually in the Guest List at this time.

Prep Your List

1. Export your current guest list. Save an extra copy to have an original copy of your guest list on hand!

2. Use this file to update or add contact information to existing guests.

a. If you're looking to update information (other than email address), make edits straight to the existing column information.

b. If you want to add new information, create a separate column for this field and populate the guest info.

3. Save the spreadsheet as a formatted .CSV file.

 Screen_Shot_2017-11-07_at_12.17.37_PM.png  Screen_Shot_2017-11-07_at_12.20.15_PM.png

Now you’re ready to upload!

Complete the Upload

1. In the Guests tab of your event, click the dropdown next to Add Guest.

2. Click Import .CSV then select your list to upload.


3. Once all your fields are mapped, click Continue.


4. Decide if you want to update guests' statuses.


5. Choose if you want to send a confirmation email to any guests in your upload with an Attending, Checked In, or Waitlist status.


6. Choose how to handle duplicates.

So, what are your options?

  • Update existing RSVP - This will allow you to update any new information for guests without adding or skipping a contact.
  • Create new RSVPs - This will create a new RSVP entry in your guest list for everyone in your .CSV file.
  • Skip that contact - This will skip all duplicate emails between the event guest list and the .CSV file.


7. Click Finish & Add Guests and after a quick refresh you can see the new updates to your guests.


Check out a full overview here:

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