How to collect Hub subscribers in your event pages' RSVP forms

A Hub page is a single Splash landing page where multiple events can be discovered.

One of the most powerful features of a Hub is the ability for it to collect subscribers — a list of people who are interested in hearing more about the collection of events you're aggregating.

To harness the full power of this feature, Splash allows you to gather Hub subscribers by adding a simple, opt-in checkbox to the registration forms of your Hub events.

Here’s how:

  1. After you've created  your Hub — here's our Hubs 101 guide — add your event(s) to it using the Publish function.


  2. On any of the event pages you've published, add a Subscribe to Calendar RSVP form question.



3. Once you've added the question, choose your Hub page from the Subscribes to: drop-down. While you're in here you, you can edit the question text to whatever you'd like.

Note: You don't want to make this a required question, as you want to give the guest the option to opt into your Hub subscriptions. 


 4. Save your changes. Now, when a guest RSVPs for the event, they will be greeted by your Hub subscription checkbox.



What happens next

    • Once someone submits their response and opts in, they will be stored as a Subscriber in your Hub page's Subscriber's tab, which will look, feel, and function the same way an event's Guest List does. 

    • The guest's RSVP will of course be captured as normal to the event page's guest list.

    • The presence of a Hub subscription list allows you to build email campaigns; you can access this list from either your Hub or any event page's Email Sender.

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