All Things Designer Pro - Cheat Sheet

Here at Splash we believe in a one-stop shop! This cheat sheet represents the best of that concept for our Designer Pro features. It's chock full of information all in one place so you can bookmark this page and have it all at your fingertips!

Splash Support: Designer Pro Content:

The Designer Pro Help Center


Margin & Padding:

Best Practices for Applying Margin & Padding



The 3 Types of Imagery in Splash


Saving​ ​&​ ​Sharing​ ​Blocks,​ ​Elements,​ ​and​ ​Themes:

Saving & Sharing Content Blocks

Saving & Sharing Elements

Saving Your Event Pages as a Theme


Setting​ ​Up​ ​&​ ​Uploading​ ​Custom​ ​Fonts:

Setting Up Your Fonts

Free Font Converter Website

Video Tutorial: Converting Custom Font & Uploading into Splash


Email Sender:

Building Scalable Email Templates


General Design Tips:

Why We Recommend Percentages for Positioning

Why REMs are Recommended for Sizing Text Elements

Setting Up Your Color Palette

Understanding Blocks, Containers, and Elements

Understanding the Accordion Tools


Advanced Design:

The 100% Rule: Changing the Layout of Your Speaker Block

How to Lock Your Content in the Center of a Container (advanced)

How to Create a Fixed Navigation

Styling Your Date & Venue Elements


Forms & Confirmations:

How Do I Customize the Look & Feel of My RSVP Form? (Designer Pro)

How Do I Customize My On-Page and Email Confirmation Messaging?



What is a Hub and When Does it Make Sense to Use One?

The Basics: How to Set Up a Hub Page?

Adding Events to Your Hub

Designing Hub Cards

Organizing Your Hub Via the Hub Management Center

Improving Event Discovery Using a Hub Navigation Element

Enhancing Your Hub Page with Additional Elements



Introducing Playbooks: The Most Advanced Way to Use Splash


Designer Pro Related Webinars:

Intro to Designer Pro

Designing Your Event: Re-branding Your Page

Building Better Blocks

Building Better Repeatables

What's New in Splash?

(Designer Pro related content includes Image Uploader, Brand New Date & Venue Modals, and Confirmations)

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