What does it mean when my confirmation_message tag is removed?

Look familiar?


If you're seeing an error message stating your [confirmation_message] dynamic tag has been removed, it means the text you've entered for your Confirmation Message will not be shown in your confirmation email.


Wait, what? Let's back up.

Splash gives you the ability to quickly add a customized message to your event's email confirmation without having to dive into design. 

The Message section is where this all takes place, shown above and below. What gets entered in this field is now stored as a dynamic tag, which is a dynamic text field that pulls information from other places. It's the coolest.

That tag is called [confirmation_messaging], which is already entered into your confirmation email's design by default. 



Please note: If you remove this dynamic tag "[confirmation_messaging]" from the body of your email, the content you added in the Message section won't display. 

If you need to put the dynamic tag back into the email message, here's a quick how-to:

1. Go to Confirmations tab in your editing toolbar.

2. Choose the tab of the Confirmation you'd like to edit.

3. Scroll down to the Confirmation Email section.

4. Click Edit under the email design.

3. Add the text [confirmation_messaging] back into the body of the email into any element.



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