How do I see how many events a guest has previously attended?

Great question!

In your guest list, you are able to add a few columns that can show how many events a guest has previously attended, along with a few other statuses:

  • Number of events that the guest didn't RSVP to
  • Number of events the guest RSVP'ed No to
  • Number of events with a Waitlist status
  • And many more!

We get that you want to target to invite people that you know will show. And we want to help!

To see their statuses from prior events:

1. Go to the Guests tab.

2. Select the Columns button in the top right.

3. Under the Events tab, you'll see these options at the bottom starting with "Events with".

4. Select the box next to which status you'd like to see on your guest tab.

5. Press Save!


Now, if you'd like to get a little more specific on which events guests may or may not have attended, that's what's the middle tab "Status from other events" is for!

You can choose which event you'd like to show on your guest tab, and this will populate their status of that event. If they are weren't invited, it will show "Not on guest list" under that column.

1. Head over to the "Status from Other Events" column.

2. Select which event you are looking for.

3. Press Save.



In this Guest List below, see how many total events each guest has attended and who was invited/the status of a previous event (Demo Day)!




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