Scan attendee business cards using the the Splash Host App on iOS

You can now quickly collect and store attendee information by snapping a quick shot of a business card.

Event marketers, we know just how insane the rush of the door at your event can be. We also realize how crucial it is to nail check-in AKA your very first in-person touchpoint with attendees.

That's why our latest Host App feature prioritizes the quick & easy collection of valuable attendee credentials. And since business cards are an age-old tradition for connecting, we set our priorities on scanning 'em.

Business card scanning is available:

*In the latest version of our Host App for iOS (2.2.0)

*With a Splash Enterprise license

*For RSVP and ticketed events

*Use the scanner icon in the event - this is used to either scan a QR code or a business card

Let's take a look at the new interface

RSVP Events:

Pop into your RSVP event from the Host App dashboard. You'll jump right into the Guests tab where you'll notice a brand new prompt in the bottom right hand corner: 


This is our trusty scanner! Clicking on it will open your camera.

Ticketed Events:

Pop into your ticketed event from our Host App dashboard. You'll also jump right into the Guests tab where you'll find our beloved ticket scanner in the lower right hand corner. However, clicking on it will now present you with two options: Ticket or Business Card.


Shall we get our scan on?

Snapping a shot:

To scan a business card, simply hold the card up or place it on a flat surface; center the business card within the frame and focus your camera. (Flash is available here if ample lighting isn't a guest of your suave happy hour!). 

Tap & snap that shot!


What happens next?

The simplest way to put it is magic: the app will capture as much attendee information as possible from the business card.

**Keep in mind, we will automatically create custom fields for any new information captured. In other words, these custom fields do not need to pre-exist on your event's RSVP form!


These guests and their newly captured information will make their way into your page's Guest List on desktop!Quick note that for Version 1 of our Business Card Scanner, these guests will be automatically be added with a status of "Attending". If attendees are already in your guest list, regardless of status, scanning a business card will add the attendee to your guest list a second time. At this time you cannot check guests in using the business scanner, but stay tuned for updates to choosing status upon scan!

Click here to download our Splash Host App to your iPhone or iPad.

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