How do I style my dynamic date and venue elements? (Designer Pro)

Lucky for you, we've got a FULL rundown for all things date & venue--check out our Date & Venue Elements course!

Short on time? No worries--read on for the main points below!


If you've created any Splash page, odds are you've seen our dynamic date and venue elements.


These elements dynamically (key word here!) pull information from the Date, Time, & Venue inputs in your Settings tab.


But we get it - sometimes the default formatting is not ideal for your specific needs or design vision. No sweat! We'll take you through the step-by-step instructions for styling these elements with ease.

How to access the date and venue editor

There are two ways to open up our date and venue editor!

On-page (spoiler alert - it's the quickest way!)

1. Hover over your date element

2. Click the Date icon on the left


Alternatively for venue elements...

1. Hover over the venue element

2. Click the Venue icon on the left


Via the Layout tab

1. Click into your Date or Venue element

2. Pop into Format Date & Time or alternatively Format Venue


Using the editor to stylize your date and time

Each piece of your date and time is separated into its own segment.

Clicking into each segment will display a dropdown where you're free to change the format:


You can also click into any pre-existing text to change the language:


To add a new component, simply click the blue "+" sign at the end of your line:


You'll notice you're presented with several options: Start Day, Start Day of the Week, Start Month, Start Year, Start Time, End Time, and Custom (a blank input where you can enter any text!).

And to switch around the order, simply click and drag each component:


Feel like your line is getting a bit long? Pop into L2 to add these components to a separate line:


Looking to ditch a component? Simply drag it to the bottom of the editor window where a nifty trashcan will appear:


Using the editor to stylize your venue

The process of editing your dynamic venue element is identical!

Check out an example of adding and re-arranging venue components using that blue "+" button:



Your choices here are Venue Name, Address, City, State, Zip Code, Country, and Custom (aka anything you'd like!).


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