4. Creating Zaps with Splash as the Action App

In the previous chapters, we've shown examples where Splash is the Trigger App — the platform where an integration originates before telling another app to do something.

An RSVP happened in Splash → Hey, Slack - let my Sales team know about it!

Whether you're using a Zap template or creating a custom Zap, Splash can also act as the Action app.

A new lead was created in Marketo → Hey, Splash - add that lead to my upcoming Happy Hour.


How it works:

Creating a Zap with Splash as the action works just the same as any other Zap we set up in the previous chapters. The only difference is you'll get to the Splash part after you configure the trigger.

What you need to know: There is only one action that Splash will allow, and it's that it can add an attendee to any event you'd like. 

Sounds simple, but it's a pretty powerful action that can be configured in a variety of ways.

Fields you're able to configure include:

1. The event you'd like the attendee to be added to
2. The fields in your Trigger app you'd like to map to Splash attendee info (Email, First Name and Last Name)

Note: Email is required to create a new attendee

3. If you'd like the guest to receive a confirmation email upon being added to the event
4. The status (i.e. Added, Attending, Waitlist, etc.) you'd like to receive upon landing on your event list

Below is the interface you'll use to set up a Splash attendee. 



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