Introduction to Splash's Zapier Integration

Zapier is a platform that aims to “automate the most tedious parts of your day to day job.”

For the purposes of Splash, that means you can connect Splash to all your favorite systems, tools, and platforms — Gmail, Google Docs, Excel, MailChimp, and Facebook, to name a few — and push information back and forth between the systems.

What does that mean?

So, if an RSVP happens in Splash, you can automatically have Zapier update a shared Google spreadsheet that your events team monitors.

Or, if you check a guest in from your Splash app, you can have Zapier trigger SMS notifications so your sales reps can greet their prospects.

And maybe you’d like it so every time you add a prospect as a Marketo program member, that prospect was automatically uploaded to your Splash guest list.

This means that Splash can act as either the Trigger app — the system that initiates an action — or the Action app — the place where the end action occurs. 

Amazing, right?

And the possibilities are virtually limitless because Zapier allows you to connect Splash to literally hundreds of other platforms.

This empowers you to automate everything from small, whimsical tasks to truly complex workflows that will shape the way you measure your business.

If you're what's called a "top level" or "super admin" in your Splash organization, all your Zaps will be programmed on an organization level. This means that the integrations you create will be in effect for all teammates collaborating in your Splash organization. Pretty nice, right?

Next steps

Let's review the integration requirements.


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