What is the text appearing in my email next to the subject line?

You've created that beautiful email, sent a test to yourself, and -huh?- there's a strange string of letters and numbers you have no recollection of adding to the subject line! Don't worry, a phantom hasn't taken over your invites, there's somethings you can do.



The reason those characters are appearing is due to the alt text that is applied to the images in your email. 

Alt text is used for a brief description of the image that displays when recipients are unable to access your images. This can happen if they have images turned off in their email client, or are reading your email with a screen reader.



When emails are previewed in your inbox, the provider scans the email like a book and displays the text it identifies from top to bottom. So, based on the order of the elements in your email and length of the subject line, that alt text may be getting pulled into the subject line. 

But there are a few things you can do! 

  1. Add in preview text that will populate right next to the subject line

  2. Rearrange your email so that there are other elements before the image element
  3. Edit the alt text of the image so it can appear in the subject line

  4. Remove it all together 

Quick note! The number of characters that pull into the subject line is dependent on email providers and versions. 

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