What is Multi-Ticket Types confirmation messaging and how do I design it?

Whenever a guest purchases a ticket from your Splash page, there are three types of messages associated with the transaction:

  1. On-Page confirmation message
  2. Message within the confirmation email
  3. Info on the PDF ticket

Editing the confirmation messaging

1. First, in dashboard for your Splash page, click the Confirmations tile. 

2. In here, you'll have three options available in the dropdown at the top:

  • Edit the Default Ticket Type - If you're offering a few different types of tickets and you don't mind if the confirmation messaging is the same for each, choose this option.
  • Edit Multi-Ticket Types - If a guest buys more than one ticket type, they will still receive only one confirmation email containing all the tickets attached. This option allows you to customize the email and on-page experience for when a multi-ticket type transaction occurs. 
  • Edit Ticket Types individually - If you're offering a few different types of tickets, and you'd like the confirmation messaging to be different for each ticket, this is your option. This one allows you to un-link each ticket type's messaging from the Default Ticket, and set up completely separate messaging and designs. You can select which tickets you would like to do this for by clicking on Customize Another Ticket.

Here's an in-depth article on how to customize every part of your RSVP and ticket confirmation experiences. 


3. Edit the message for On-Page confirmations, then scroll down to edit the fields for email confirmations and ticket PDFs.


4. Click Save at the top of the dashboard to complete the process. Note: You can check out your new messages by clicking the Send Test button in the bottom-right.


If you find yourself editing ticket information via the Tickets tab, you can also access the confirmation details from here. As you're editing the ticket, hit the Customize Confirmation Messaging button — this will drop you right into the Confirmations tab.



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