Introduction to the Splash Guest List

A well organized guest list will make your event run like a Swiss watch.
That's right - your guest list in Splash isn't just a place where all your RSVPs are stored. 

It's so much more.

The Splash guest list is your command center for people management. It enables sophisticated reporting, targeted communication, and hyper-personalized guest experiences.

Before we dive in, let's start with some basics:

Guests: These are people you'd like to come to your event.

• Guests can be "added" to your event's guest list prior to them being invited or RSVPing.
• Any guest you email from Splash will automatically be added to your guest list.
• Guests who RSVP are, of course, on the list, too.

: A guest's status indicates where they are in the event's lifecycle. Were they invited? Have they responded yet? Are they unable to attend? Did they show up? Were they waitlisted? 

Guest statuses in Splash include:

  • Added - You have added the guest to your list but they have not been invited or responded yet
  • Attending - The guest intends to come
  • Not Attending - The guest can't make it
  • Waitlist - The guest has RSVP'd when your waitlist was activated
  • Awaiting Reply - The guest has been invited but has not responded yet
  • Checked In - The guest was at your event
  • Checked Out - The guest was at your event and you indicated they left

Note: For clients using integrations, guest statuses can be sent to your systems of record (i.e. Salesforce, Marketo, HubspotEloqua, etc) in real time.

*Statuses update automatically. If a guest with an Added status is sent an invitation from Splash, their status will automatically update to Awaiting Reply.

*Statuses can be changed manually. If a CEO calls you and says they're coming, you can go right to your guest list and update their status to Attending.


But how do supreme levels of organization come into play?
Through lists and tags.

We'll discuss both in depth in a bit, but for now, let's start by defining them.

Lists: Event-specific groups of guests. 

If your guest is on the "Table 4" list for one event, she won't be on the Table 4 list for your future ones.

Tags: A way of organizing guests on a contact-level.

A guest you tag as #Press will always be a member of the press until the designation is changed.


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