How do I customize my event's on-page confirmation message?

It’s all led up to this ‒ the moment someone transforms from just another page view to a confirmed attendee.

What will they see?


On-page confirmations: One of many touchpoints in your event marketing playbook.

An on-page confirmation is the very first thing guests see after RSVPing (or purchasing a ticket) to your event.

Since empowering event hosts to create beautiful, on-brand experiences for every touchpoint is kind of our thing, on-page confirmations offer yet another opportunity to make a lasting impression on guests.

Let’s check out how.

Step 1: Get Going!
Make a beeline for the Confirmations dashboard by clicking the checkmark icon on the event page toolbar.


Step 2: Customize Copy
Enter your preferred messaging into the Headline and Message fields on the Confirmations dashboard. The world is yours here, so make it count.on-pageconfirmation-copy.gif

Step 3: Add Some Style
Click the Edit button to begin styling your on-page confirmation. This'll zip you back to the Layout tab where you can choose from a variety of different elements ‒ just like your event page.

✅  Add GIFs


✅  Add video


✅  Add any element!


T L D R:
→ Edit your on-page confirmation copy from the Confirmations dashboard.
→ Style your on-page confirmation from the Layout tab. 

Want more tips on customizing Confirmations ‒ including email and tickets? Check out our full guide here.


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